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Frequently Asked Questions

For the Seller
If you’re selling your home, you most likely have a lot of questions.  Should I sell? When should I sell? How much should I sell for? Call us and let’s go over your ideas and options.  Together we can come up with a plan.



Why G. Fuls Jr. Real Estate Co?

Why we think you should list your property with us. “We know the importance of the financial and often the emotional decision that you have made in deciding to sell your property.”


  • We are trying to revolutionize the way properties are bought and sold. It takes more than a fancy office and hundreds of agents in this day and age of the internet to effectively sell and find properties.  The internet has created many new opportunities and pitfalls if not able to traverse the web safely and in a timely fashion.  Our company has the ability to offer personal service while using our web and video capabilities better than anyone else to help you locate and market what you want.


  • We’re professionals. We listen to you! We will communicate in a timely manner.  We are here to help and be a valuable resource for you.  Let us prove it.


  • We won’t list every property that comes our way. We will hand select the properties that we want to pursue in order to keep our resources and focus on the tasks and properties we already have to ensure seller success.


  • We are not the stereotype. We are here for you-period.  Our agents will only be here for your best interests and never theirs!  We are honest, loyal, internet savvy and excited to be with you!  We expect referrals to be the base of our business and will work hard to achieve that.



Pricing Your Properties


First and foremost, the buyer’s opinion and the offer made on your property is really the only opinion that matters.  Unfortunately that opinion is what will dictate a sale price and not the seller nor Realtor’s opinion.  However, we can use comparative properties, market trends and analysis along with available inventory to come up with a realistic selling price.  Here are some thoughts on achieving that price.


  • Get good comps

Comparing properties in our area can be challenging.  We have incredible diversity between our properties within the area states, towns and even neighborhoods! Certain areas and properties command higher prices for many reasons such as location, school district or uniqueness.  This is where our experience and knowledge from working and living in the areas are very useful.


  • Price your house competitively

Correct pricing will bring more potential buyers.  Educated buyers will see through and avoid an overpriced property with a built in “buffer” price.  Real value will bring real offers. Don’t base the price of your property on your neighbor’s or a friend’s asking price/advice.  How long has the property been sitting there? If it’s still for sale then the price may not be right.


  • Pricing and false hopes

Again, don’t fall into false hopes of a high sale price from an uninformed friend or an agent simply looking for a listing only to make price reductions later.  A property priced too high will sit and lead to seller frustration.  Informed and educated buyers are the best resources to look for.  A correctly priced property will have the proper buyers excited and looking to move on it.  Remember, underpricing is a tactic that can be used to generate a buzz for the right property as well!

For the Buyer
Whether it is your first property or your tenth transaction, buying can be very fun and also a bit stressful! We want you to enjoy the experience and simplify the process by educating and helping you along the way.

Why G. Fuls Jr. Real Estate Co?

We think you should let us help you buy your next property! We know that buying your home or property is not only an emotional but also a financial decision.  There are many factors in that decision so let’s talk about your plans and options available to you.

  • We really aren’t and can’t show you everything on the market! By listening to you we can narrow down exactly what you are looking for.  There is no time to waste, not ours and certainly not yours.  Between our expertise, incredible relationships and connections within the real estate world, we are able to get you what and where you want.  It should not take us long to find you the right property!
  • We pride ourselves as being very resourceful. Again, our relationships and willingness to work with everyone within our fields lets us connect you with almost anything and anyone you would need before, during and after the sale.  What do you need? What are your concerns? This is where we excel.  Odds are you are going to be living with us in our communities and we will be able to point you in the right direction for what and who we know, use and love.

We are not the stereotype. We are here for you-period.  Our agents will only be here for your best interests and never theirs!  We are honest, loyal and excited to be with you!  We expect referrals to be the base of our business and will work hard to achieve that.     

Seller’s Agent vs. Buyer’s Agent and more

What’s the difference between everyone?!

Please note that before entering into any discussions with a real estate agent regarding any real estate transaction, you should understand what type of agency relationship you wish to have with that agent or company. In Massachusetts and New York as well as most states, a real estate agent is required to disclose which party he or she represents at the first meaningful interaction or contact with a home buyer. It is best to assume that any real estate agent is a seller’s agent until they have told you otherwise.

Seller’s Agent:

This agent works for the broker that holds a seller’s listing. A seller’s agent can also help you find and purchase properties. They must always disclose material facts, such as a water leaks or other known structural problems.A seller’s agent has a legal duty to get the best possible price for the seller! This means a seller’s agent cannot disclose any personal or confidential information about the sellers or their property.  You cannot ask them what they think the owners will take for an offer or about the possibility of an upcoming divorce or foreclosure.  Any information that you give a seller’s agent will be reported back to the sellers. A seller’s agent must work honestly and fairly with the buyers and their agents throughout the entire process but will remain loyal to the seller.

Buyer’s Agent:

An agent who has agreed to represent your interest and is loyal to you.A buyer’s agent cannot disclose personal and confidential information about you just as a seller’s agent cannot with their seller.  They cannot talk about what you may be willing to offer or what you may already own etc., such as your net worth, other properties you own or what you might be willing to spend for the property.  A buyer’s agent is legally obligated to negotiate the purchase of properties for you within your set parameters.Some buyer’s agents work exclusively with buyers, taking no listings.  We help both buyers and sellers.An exclusive buyer’s agency agreement is the same as a seller’s exclusive right to sell agreement in that it typically ties you to one agent for a specified period of time, and it too is legally binding.Also note that a non-exclusive buyer’s agency agreement does not tie you to one agent.

Dual Agent:

This is an agent who works for the firm that holds a seller’s listing, and who has agreed to represent the buyer purchasing that listing.Dual agents cannot offer undivided loyalty to either the buyer or seller and cannot disclose confidential personal information about either party.Remember that dual agency must be agreed to in writing by both buyer and seller.

Dual Agency with a Designated Agent: ·

This happens when the listing broker’s office assumes the role of Dual Agent.  Our office will designate two agents for this transaction. One will be for the Buyer and the other for the Seller. A designated agent cannot offer undivided loyalty to either the buyer or seller. Dual agency with a designated agent must also be agreed to in writing by both buyer and seller.

Agent Fiduciary Duties:

We think that this where we excel as you are our first responsibility!  Your interests are first and foremost and we take that to heart.  We will continue to treat all parties fairly and honestly while maintaining our fiduciary responsibility to our clients.

  • Obedience – act as authorized
  • Loyalty – act in the interest of the client
  • Disclosure – disclose relevant information to the client
  • Confidentiality – never reveal confidential information of the client
  • Accountability – maintain and furnish a true and complete accounting of money
  • Reasonable Care or Diligence – be attentive to the client’s affairs and take care to discover facts and report them to the client .

Additional Duties of a buyer’s agent

A bit more on the subject:

  • To use reasonable efforts to locate a property at a price and on terms acceptable to the buyer. Unless the buyer directs otherwise, the buyer’s agent is not obligated to continue to show properties to the buyer, once the buyer is a party to a contract to purchase. (A licensee does not breach any duty or obligation to the buyer by showing the same property to other buyers or by acting as an agent or subagent for other buyers, however, it is recommended that this be stated in a buyer agency agreement.); and,
  • To present each offer or counteroffer to purchase to the listing agent in a timely manner, even if the property is subject to a contract of sale
  • To obtain consent before acting as a dual agent.

Note: Regardless of the agency relationship, the licensee must disclose to a prospective buyer all known material defects in real estate. (Information reprinted with permission from Berkshire County Board of Realtors and MLS, INC.)  

Buyer’s~ What to expect and your Etiquette

Here are some frequently heard comments and scenarios encountered that Sellers have said you can do to help yourself and also your agent:

Get pre-approved by a lending institution.

You won’t waste your time or the agent’s looking for houses out of your price range.  You (and the sellers) will feel more confident with your offer.

Communication is a top priority.

You need to let our agents know what you like and don’t like about the properties you see. This will narrow down what you want so as not to lose out on a potential property by wasting valuable time.  This means knowing what you need and what you want and what is most important between the two.

Be honest with your agent.

Are you working with multiple agents or specifically a buyer’s agent? Let them know immediately.  This will prevent wasting time, energy and will answer any questions as to who is actually involved in the transaction.

Never, ever ask your agent to do anything illegal or unethical.

Very obvious of course, but any issues with fair housing, fraud or deceptive practices are simply not allowed.

We are here for you ~ loyal.

Once you have a trusting relationship with your agent or company of choice, let them work for you! Exclusive relationships are far more beneficial.  Let them inquire about a property you are interested in as they will have your interests at heart and can ask the pressing questions for you.  This again will help keep track of who is involved in the transactions without creating the chance of uncomfortable conversations and situations later.

Time is valuable.

Please do not keep your agent or the seller’s agent waiting on appointments! Scheduling is vital to helping everyone involved and wasted hours can hinder sales and you could lose out on a buying opportunity.  Let us know what stage of the buying cycle you are in.  Just starting or curious or need immediate action? We are here to help through all phases but we need to know how best to help.

Cooperation is as valuable as communication.

We need to stay on track with appointments, dates and paperwork.  Let’s work together to make sure everything is ready for your closing.

Purchasing Your Property

Here is a brief overview of a typical transaction.  The process of buying real estate will differ slightly from state to state and sometimes even county to county.  Again this is a rough guideline and some differences will be noted additionally.

The Purchase Offer.

Once you have chosen the property or properties you would like to purchase you will be required to submit, in writing, your “purchase offer”.  This will include the purchase price and any contingencies such as financing provisions, inspections, items to remain or to be removed from the house, etc. Also at this time you will submit a refundable deposit. Your agent will then convey your offer to the listing agent. The offer is accepted, rejected, or you and the seller negotiate until there is an agreed upon purchase price.

The Home/Property Inspection.

Paid for by the buyer and usually scheduled within 2 weeks of an accepted offer. These typically include an inspection of the structure, water supply, septic system, pests and radon levels.  Each state will have varying rules for this. For instance, in NY the State law requires that sellers provide a residential property condition disclosure or offer a $500 credit to the buyer at closing. Any repair issues as a result of the inspection are negotiated with the seller at this point.

The Sales Contract.

This is when your attorney (which we can provide a list of for you) acts on your behalf to get things moving! Another deposit is required at signing. If you are applying for a mortgage, a contingency for a commitment letter will be made part of the contract.  Keep in mind that we continue to show our seller’s properties and more buyers may have interest in what you want as well.  This is why we want the inspections and signatures finalized as soon as possible!

The Bank/Lender

In most cases this has already been done ahead of time as you choose a lender. We can suggest options. The lender will require your current financial information and a credit report.

The Appraisal

Once you have chosen a bank/lender, they will order a certified appraisal from a licensed appraiser. A survey may also be required by the lender most notably with land purchases. The buyer typically pays for the appraisal and survey costs if not already surveyed.

The Closing

Your realtor and attorney will work closely with your lender to coordinate the closing and make sure everything that’s required is properly handled. Your attorney will order a title search, purchase title insurance on your behalf, and handle all aspects of the closing process. You’ll be responsible for obtaining a homeowners policy for the property prior to the closing. In addition to the down payment, mortgage and attorney fees required by your lender, you will typically pay for the title search, a title insurance policy, your attorney fees, homeowner’s insurance policy, your prorated share of the annual property taxes, any property association dues, and any prorated heating fuel or utilities. Ask your lender and your attorney for an estimate of these fees, so you know exactly what to expect and pay for at the closing.

Our Experience Land / Homes / Condos
The Oaks, Jackson County * The Promenade, Jackson County * The Strand, Jackson County

Alpine Bluffs, Huerfano County * Cedarwood Station, Pueblo County * Eagle Ranch, Pueblo County * Elk Ridge Ranch, Pueblo County * Masters Ranch, Mesa County * Turkey Ridge Ranch, Huerfano County * Twin Buttes, Pueblo County

Laurel Point, Litchfield County * St. John’s Peak, Litchfield County

Abaco Bay, Collier County * Keewaydin, Collier County * Palms at Waters Edge, Lee County * Preserve at Bal Harbor, Charlotte County

Brunswick Point, Glynn County * Eagle Point, Lincoln County * Longleaf Pointe, Lincoln County * Middleton Plantation, Brunswick County * Spring Cove, McIntosh County * The Bluffs at Richmond Hill, Ware County * Tuscan Landing, Camden County

Beckett, Berkshire County * Charlemont, Franklin County * Chesterfield, Hampshire County * Noppet Hill, Berkshire County * The Highlands, Hampden County * The Oaks, Hampden County * Whippernon, Hampden County and Timber Tracks surrounding Jiminy Peak

New Hampshire
Stratford Forest, Coos County-Timber Property

New York
Berkshire Lake, Columbia County * Bolton Landing, Warren County * The Chapin Estate, Sullivan County * Claverack, Columbia County * Gelston Manor, Herkimer County * Grafton, Rensselaer County * Helderberg Highlands, Greene County * Hilltop Farm, Columbia County * Horizon Meadows, Rensselaer County * Lake Lorraine, Rensselaer County * Lake Morraine, Madison County * New Lebanon, Columbia County * New Scotland, Albany County * Norway, Herkimer County * Petersburg, Rensselaer County * Rhoda Lake, Columbia County * Sylvan Way, Rensselaer County * Stephentown, Rensselaer County * Taconic Vistas, Rensselaer County * The Highlands, Sullivan County * Viele Pond, Warren County * Waters Edge, Rensselaer County * Waverly Ridge, Dutchess County

West Virginia
Retreat at Dolly Sods, Hardy County * Potomac Valley Overlook Point, Hardy County

North Carolina
Lake James, Burke/McDowell Counties * River Highlands, Asheville County

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We are a unique real estate agency based in the Berkshire County hill town of Williamstown, MA.  We are dedicated to helping our clients sell their properties and committed to help others find what they have been dreaming of.  Our relationships with all types of property owners and real estate professionals in The Berkshires as well as nationally and internationally are what truly sets us apart from every other agency.  We have the experience and ability to help you find a way to either come live here with us or find other properties throughout the country and globe to enjoy!

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